Scholarship Incubator

Embark on an intensive scholarship guidance program designed to facilitate the pursuit of postgraduate studies (Master’s/Ph.D.) abroad, personally guided by expert Trainers from TransforMe. Over the course of a year, you will engage in group sessions, convening 1-2 times every weekend.

Your learning journey will encompass the following modules:
Module 1: Scholarship Understanding & Growth Mindset (12 sessions)
Module 2: Group Coaching & Individual Assessment (2 sessions)
Module 3: Strategic Essay Writing (3 one-on-one sessions)
Module 4: Written Feedback from Trainers (3 one-on-one sessions)
Module 5: Essay Workshop per Scholarships (10 sessions)
Module 6: Webinars and Live Discussions on Zoom (10 sessions)
Module 7: Interview Mock-up Test (5 sessions)
Module 8: Comprehensive Self-Learning Videos on the 20 Leading Scholarship Providers