About Us

Let’s Become Future-Ready Global Citizens Globalisation – combined with rapidly growing technology makes the world even more VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous). As change is inevitable, adaptability is the primary factor we all need to be equipped with. There are so many challenges as many as opportunities available in the workforce. It is on us to choose whether to be the victims or drivers of the change. How do we appropriately respond to it? How do we take the opportunities? Where to start? Who to contact? How can we succeed?
Having those questions, we all, the three founders, started by shaping our academic qualification in the world reputable universities with the help of scholarship providers. That was the time to study and expand our international network. We got updated with what’s happening out there and engaged with a multicultural society. Learning in the UK, a developed country, has naturally improved our global perspective and global competence, which boosted our confidence to stand out from the crowdWe want more young generations to experience the same privilege that can be earned through a clear mechanism. Thus, we established TransforMe to bring a more significant impact through learning, training and consultancy. Hundreds of like-minded professionals back us up to work together to nurture our clients in both their scholarship and career journey. We believe that big opportunities can only be obtained when we are prepared to be future-ready global citizens.
We’ve been there, so we understand you – Like everyone else, it is very human to experience hardship when we were first-timers. We remember how clueless we were when starting our going-global journey.

We experienced a series of failures due to a lack of understanding, competencies and supports. We have been there, so we understand you better. We have learned that mentorship is a critical part of the way up. Repeating failures other people have experienced is such a waste of time, money and energy. That is why having backed up by experts who guide and nurture us is the primary key—no need to search for the right people and knock on doors one by one. Pack your lifelong learning commitment, and let us all here know whenever you are ready to start this journey.

TransforMe is an education platform that levels up individual and organisational global competencies through learning, training and consultancy. It was collectively established on the 18th of July 2020 and publicly launched on the 9th of September 2020

TransforMe’s vision is to open up global opportunities for millions of people from the heart of education. We aim to facilitate learners’ knowledge, skills, and ecosystems to be equipped with a global mindset, competence, and competitiveness. This is what differentiates TransforMe from other educational institutions. Referring to the Tri Education Center introduced by Ki Hadjar Dewantara, TransforMe commits to educating the nation from the community side, particularly providing Non-Formal Education or Community Education

We have helped young professionals in Indonesia work in various sectors. They are potential leaders in private institutions, state-owned enterprises, government organisations, and non-government organisations.